Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snakes on a Plane!

Well alright, they're not on a plane, but they are in my room! My girlfriend bought me a new snake for my birthday this month. It is a baby Jungle Carpet Python which I've named Bumblebee. As he grows and sheds he should get bright yellow and black. Average size for Jungles are around 5 to 6 feet long. I am posting two quick shots I took of him the day I brought him home. He is only a couple of months old.

Baby Jungle Carpet Python

Close up!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Want to get the most from your lenses?

Have you ever taken a photo only to look at it on the computer and notice that it isn't very sharp. Maybe you focused on the person's eye in the photo and the tip of their nose is what is in focus. Annoyed? Confused? Sometimes, due to tolerances, you may find that your lens front or back focuses. In order to help photographers adjust their lens to get the sharpest photos possible a lot of the newer Canon cameras have a feature called Microadjust. It essentially allows you to adjust the focus of the lens from front to back so that what you focus on is the part of the photo that is sharp.

Now, you can set up some rulers and books on an angle to try and adjust the focus to get it spot on, but with the amount of money you have spent on gear, why not get something that is accurate, easy to setup, and repeatable. Lens Align Pro, designed by Michael Tapes, looks to be an awesome system that allows you to see exactly where your lens is focusing and adjust it as needed.

I just ordered my Lens Align Pro system and I should have it next week. I have been putting off microadjusting and checking my lenses because I didn't think I needed to do it. After hearing about this system and reading favorable reviews I am very excited to try it for myself. Keep an eye here for an update late next week when it arrives.